Outreach Notice PFT-GS-0482-9 Fisheries Biologist (2 Positions) and Outreach Notice PSE-GS-0482-5/7 Region 6, Malheur National Forest

Job Close Date: 
November 26, 2013 - 5:00pm

The Malheur National Forest is outreaching for two GS-9 Fish Biologist and a GS-5/7 Fish Biologist.

The Malheur National Forest is at the center of a nationally recognized effort that is doubling the scale of restoration in Eastern Oregon. If you are looking for an opportunity to do ground-breaking, nationally recognized work please respond to the outreach notifications.

The outreach for GS-9 Fish Biologist is posted at http://www.pnamp.org/document/4442.

The outreach for the GS-5/7 is posted at http://www.pnamp.org/document/4443.

The vacancy announcement number will be shared when it’s ready, to those interested in the position and those who respond to this outreach.