EPA Report of Climate Change Impacts on Streamflow and Water Quality

EPA Releases Report of Climate Change Impacts on Streamflow and WaterQuality in 20 Watersheds in the United States. There is growing concern about the potential effects of climate change on water resources. To develop this report, watershed modeling was conducted in 20 large U.S. watersheds to characterize the sensitivity of streamflow, nutrient (nitrogen and phosphorus), and sediment loading to a range of plausible mid-21st century climate change and urban development scenarios. The report also provides an improved understanding of methodological challenges associated with integrating existing tools (e.g., climate models, downscaling approaches, and watershed models) and data sets to address these scientific questions. To view the study
and related links, visit: http://cfpub.epa.gov/ncea/global/recordisplay.cfm?deid=256912.

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