Follow up to IMW Workshop (September 26, 2013)

Follow up to IMW Workshop (March 20-21, 2013)
This workshop convened more than 80 practitioners currently working in the field of Intensively Monitored Watersheds (IMWs). Presentations included details of current IMWs with an emphasis on lessons learned and recommendations for current and future IMW projects. Fifteen IMW studies were presented - from across the Northwest including the Columbia River Basin, Puget Sound, and the Oregon, Washington, and northern California coasts. In-depth discussion sessions moderated by leading IMW scientists and other experts in communication and data management followed the presentations on Day 2 of the workshop. Discussion sessions focused on key aspects of designing and implementing IMWs, including experimental design, data analysis, data management, coordination of restoration activities with monitoring efforts, and communication.
IMW practitioners shared their successes, failures, and insights on the challenges of this coordinated experimental approach that integrates watershed-level restoration activities with carefully designed and intensive monitoring efforts. This workshop was an opportunity for IMW practitioners to document and integrate their experiences to strengthen current and future IMW efforts and to identify the next steps PNAMP could take to assist practitioners in the planning and implementing IMWs.

Presentations are posted on the PNAMP website here:

Workshop notes are posted on the PNAMP webpage here:

Products from the Workshop
The workshop resulted in a summary of all current IMW projects. The summary contains information from sixteen different IMW projects, including lessons learned, recommendations, purpose and scope of the project, design information, analysis details, sponsor and cooperators, etc.

IMW summary document is posted on the PNAMP web page here:

PNAMP will post additional products as they are completed.

Thanks to all who planned, presented, moderated, and participated!