Do you have suggestions for our next Remote Sensing Forum?

We are looking for suggestions for our next Remote Sensing Forum to be scheduled in early fall. Some ideas we have recently heard include:

-stream temperature topics: a variety of suggestions have been shared, including modeling (distribution, predicting habitat changes over time), climate change relationships, and the new NorWest temperature network
-use of unmanned aircraft (drones)
-tools for groundwater and hyporrheic conditions
-data sharing (standards, agreements)
-data discovery and inventory
-watershed modeling topics & validation techniques

Please let us know if you have suggestions for topics or would like to present by emailing
For more information about the Forum webinar series, please contact:
Jim McKean:, 208.373.4383
Sheri Schneider,, 503-310-1531
Jen Bayer,, 503-201-4179