Lower Columbia Habitat Status and Trends Monitoring Project

The Lower Columbia Habitat Status and Trends Monitoring Project (funded by the Washington Department of Ecology, with project management by Tetra Tech, and oversight by the LCFRB and PNAMP) builds on the ongoing PNAMP ISTM project by integrating the monitoring priorities and existing programs of ISTM partners with receiving water quality monitoring programs implemented by municipal stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permittees in southwest Washington. Phase one of the project identified priority management questions and metrics for the stormwater permittees, merged that information together with that of the ISTM partners, and used the combined information to develop several monitoring scenarios for the trade-off analysis. Three workshops have been held to date to get monitoring managers, practitioners, and stakeholders input on the identified priorities and scenarios. The final workshop (see http://www.pnamp.org/event/4245), to vet the proposed monitoring design recommendations and discuss next steps, will be held May 22. Materials from past workshops can be found at: http://www.lcfrb.gen.wa.us/HSTM%20page.htm