Online tools complete; final report available

The online interactive mapping tools for the Columbia River Basin salmon population crosswalk can be found at this website:

There are three ways to query and receive information on fish pop/units – Species Maps, HUC6 Maps, and a database query system that returns names for comparison. Use the Species Maps to view and compare the mapped areas of a particular pop/units based on HUC6 watersheds and data reported with each pop/units per species. Use the HUC6 Map to compare all the pop/units and species per manager that are found in each HUC6 watershed. This map also reports data for each pop/unit. Use the Database Names Query system to look up what pop/units share mapped areas (HUC6 watersheds). Several maps and the query tool can be opened at the same time in different tabs for comparing.

The mapping applications and their reports are designed to be simple and similar to common mapping applications on the web today. However, if needed, a user guide has been created to explain the tools and how to use them.

In addition, CRITFC staff have drafted a final report detailing the project process and results. You can find the report here: