NPCC Seeks Comments: CR White Sturgeon Framework

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council is seeking your comments on the draft Columbia Basin White Sturgeon Planning Framework.
See: to submit your comments to Lynn Palensky, at by April 30, 2013. Please forward this email to others you think may be interested.

As part of its review of the research, monitoring and evaluation elements of the Fish and Wildlife Program in 2009-10, the Council called for the “development of a comprehensive management plan for white sturgeon through a collaborative effort involving currently funded projects.” At the time the Council’s Independent Scientific Review Panel (ISRP) favorably reviewed a set of specific sturgeon projects, but the ISRP and then the Council noted the lack of an effective basinwide management plan for white sturgeon, necessary for planning future research and restoration.

In response the Council has now received the draft Columbia River Basin White Sturgeon Planning Framework, produced by an inter-agency team led by staff at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The intent of the Sturgeon Planning Framework is to summarize and synthesize a large volume of information on sturgeon research, monitoring and management efforts on a basinwide scale; provide information specific to individual management units; and provide regional goals for conservation, management, restoration, and mitigation activities.

The Council has referred the draft Sturgeon Planning Framework to the ISRP for review. The Council is seeking stakeholder and public comment on the draft Sturgeon Framework concurrent with the ISRP review. All comments received by the Council as well as the ISRP’s review report will be provided to the team working on the Sturgeon Planning Framework. They will consider the comments and the ISRP’s review report in revising the draft Columbia Basin White Sturgeon Planning Framework.

The Council will not be formally approving or adopting the Sturgeon Planning Framework itself after revision. However, the Sturgeon Planning Framework is likely to become the source of or guide recommendations to the Council in the upcoming process to amend the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Program. The amendment process is scheduled to begin in April 2013 with a formal call for program amendment recommendations, to be due in mid-summer. In addition, the Sturgeon Planning Framework will guide the development of future sturgeon projects for review and implementation as part of the Fish and Wildlife Program, and it may guide research and management actions in other forums dealing with Columbia River sturgeon.

The authors request that any suggested edits be provided as “track changes” revisions to the Word documents. The authors would also appreciate electronic copies of appropriate supporting references or links to those references not already in the draft.

Lynn Palensky