Recruitment Announcement: Regional Data Framework (RDF) Coordinator for West Coast Governors Alliance

Job Close Date: 
February 1, 2013 - 5:00pm

The West Coast Governors Alliance (WCGA) is seeking a Regional Data Framework (RDF) Coordinator for the Regional Data Framework Action Coordination Team (RDF ACT). This person will provide project management, strategic planning services, and technical and administrative support for the RDF ACT.

Work Location: California, Oregon or Washington (specific location to be determined and negotiable). Travel throughout the West Coast will be required.

Proposals received by 5:00pm PST, Friday February 1st will receive full consideration. Late submittals will be considered at the RDF ACT’s discretion. Email submission of the proposals is preferred. Please send your submission to For more information, visit

Direct Questions to:
Andy Lanier
Oregon Coastal Management Program
Dept. of Land Conservation and Development
503.373.0050 X246

Dr. Steve Steinberg
Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP)

The RDF Coordinator will provide services as a full time independent contractor for a duration of one year, with the possibility of extension. Compensation will be commensurate with experience with the annual salary expected to range between $55,000 and $75,000 per year. The RDF Coordinator will report to the ACT Co-Chairs with regard to fulfillment of the Coordinator’s duties and work task scheduling. The ACT Co-Chairs will, in consultation with members of the RDF ACT, have the authority to terminate the contract with the Coordinator in the event of unsatisfactory or nonperformance of the Coordinator’s duties.

The RDF Coordinator shall be an independent contractor and is not in any way considered an employee or agent of any governmental agency. No fringe benefits are provided. As an independent contractor the RDF Coordinator will be responsible for direct payment of Federal, State, or local taxes and will provide his or her own equipment such as a computer, software, phone line, etc. necessary to complete the required tasks.

The WCGA RDF ACT seeks the services of a Coordinator for project management, strategic planning support services, and technical and administrative support. The following tasks, estimated percent effort, and associated deliverables for the RDF Coordinator have been identified:

Task 1: Act as the Primary Coordinator for the RDF ACT (50%)
Serve as the primary organizer and point of contact for RDF ACT activities; conduct outreach to other ACT teams, partner agencies and institutions; and help plan for and coordinate cataloging of geospatial and other data resources that comprise the RDF ACT’s regional data inventory. The RDF Coordinator will communicate with the ACT and its working groups, primarily through email, to schedule conference calls, to develop and disseminate call agendas in advance, to record discussions in detailed notes, and to use information and decisions reached on calls to inform subsequent actions.

Task 2: Assist in Developing Data Strategies for the Regional Data System (15%)
Assist in the establishment and maintenance of an inventory of regional coastal and marine data. Additionally the RDF Coordinator will help the RDF ACT to identify and carry out strategies for prioritizing and obtaining needed data layers, information products, and data mapping tools for ongoing development of the catalog and data visualization services.

Task 3: Conduct Outreach to Data Network Users and Providers (15%)
Conduct outreach to actively engage key State, Federal, and NGO data managers, and constituents of appropriate agencies to understand regional data needs. From these contacts the RDF Coordinator will compile summary information needed to inform the RDF ACT in developing geospatial data and other data resources (i.e., discovery, visualization and dissemination). This will include identification of strategic approaches for the discovery and use of coastal and ocean geospatial resources by the RDF and their relevant constituents, as well as communicating feedback from users to the RDF ACT.

Task 4: Troubleshoot Data Quality and Availability Problems (10%)
Coordinate quality assurance scoping and review shared data network services, and work with service providers to resolve availability and interoperability problems.

Task 5: Manage Funding and Contracts (10%)
Take responsibility for management of existing and future sources of funding, including contracts executed by the RDF ACT. Provide funding information to the RDF ACT and the West Coast Governor’s Alliance Executive Committee to inform progress reports for the fiscal agent, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. As needed, the RDF Coordinator will actively participate in the preparation and submission of performance reports and future grant applications in response to funding opportunities.