Recruitment Announcement - AREMP IT Specialist (GIS/Data Manager, GS-2210-11)

Fulltime permanent postion with AREMP (Aquatic riparian monitoring team)

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: GS-2210-11 – IT Specialist (GIS/Data Manager) – Starting salary is $59,338
LOCATION: Corvallis, Oregon
This position will focus on improving the Aquatic and Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring Programs (AREMP) database management by building on our current program and expanding our capabilities. The duties of this position consist of: updating and maintaining an ArcGIS SDE with versioning and replication; maintaining and creating data applications for field data recorders, laser levels, and temperature probes; building calculations at the database level to calculate parameters for watershed health evaluation; performing QA/QC checks on the data; running data queries for local unit data requests and for reports; work with AREMP members and outside experts to analyze data and make data easily accessible for Forest Service and BLM units; publishing the data to the EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) for others to use; investigating the use of other agencies stream monitoring data.

Experience with the following programs is highly desired: ArcGIS SDE; Python programming; Java script; SQL Query language; ArcPad; Microsoft SQL server; Microsoft Access;.NET programming; VBScript; Oracle.

PLEASE NOTE: This position will be publicly advertised in the near future. To apply for the position, you must do so through, where it will also be advertised.

If you have questions pertaining to the position, contact Peter Eldred (AREMP GIS Analyst, 541-750-7078, or by e-mail at