Feedback Requested on NPCC Draft Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Reporting and Data Access Framework

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council has posted the March 2012 version of the Draft Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Reporting and Data Access Framework (draft Framework) that was presented during the March 2012 Fish and Wildlife Committee meeting. This document is posted with previous draft versions and its other subcomponents on this webpage:

The draft Framework differs in format from previous versions by being a more succinct guidance document. This iteration provides draft policy level guidance to the region. Many of the placeholders from the November 2010 have been filled in, specifically the guidance related to prioritization and the reporting needs for Program implementation and evaluating progress. The remaining November 2010 placeholders, pertaining to biological objectives and the Council’s research plan, will be addressed later in 2012.

The Fish and Wildlife committee encourages review by the fish and wildlife agencies and tribes and other interested parties to assist in further improving this guidance prior to the 2014 Fish and Wildlife Program amendment process. The intention is to consider these concepts and components for inclusion in the 2014 Program, as envisioned in the 2009 Program.

We would appreciate receiving comments on how to improve the content, clarity and effectiveness of the draft Framework by September 17, 2012. Thank you for your interest in helping the Council improve this draft Framework.

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