Northwest Scientific Association Annual Meeting, March 28-31, 2012

Please join us for the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Scientific Association at the Owyhee Plaza Hotel in Boise Idaho, March 28 – 31, 2012. Dr. J. Michael Scott, Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources at University of Idaho, will present the keynote address. Several symposia and two workshops will be offered:

-Sagebrush ecosystems: linking biophysical drivers and species change across trophic levels

-Meeting forest conservation goals in the 21st Century

-Drivers of dynamic fire regimes: past, present and future

-Geo-Integration: Making sense of the overload of spatial data, portals, and analysis tools

-Citizen science, outreach, volunteerism, and education

-Sagebrush identification and ecology workshop

-Lichen workshop

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