ASPRS Regional Technical Meeting - First Announcement and Call for Papers

The ASPRS Southwest US Region is delighted to announce its Regional Technical Meeting "Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS in Extreme Environments" to be held on the campus of USGS Astrogeology Science Center, Flagstaff, Arizona on Friday, April 20th 2012 (with optional events on 19 and 21 of April).

The focus on “extreme environments” is to be construed flexibly in order to attract a wide range of papers. The pivotal work of the Astrogeology Science Center in mapping extra-terrestrial bodies, such as planets, moons and comets is clearly extreme in many ways, both scientific and environmental. The North American deserts, the Grand Canyon, and US/Mexico border zone, all present challenges of their own and the role of geospatial technologies is critical in understanding and managing these extreme environments.

We hope to attract high quality, interesting papers focusing on extreme environments that contributors are involved in, whether in research, production, or analysis. Abstracts are not to exceed 300 words and should be sent to Dr. Raad Saleh (USGS) at email address no later than 15 of March, 2012. All submissions will be evaluated by representatives of USGS Astrogeology Science Center and ASPRS Southwest US Region. At least one slot will be reserved for a contribution from a student in these fields.

We are working on a web page for preregistration and will give details in the second announcement. The event is open to anyone interested, and the registration fee will be very nominal. If you have any questions, please contact Event Coordinator, at email address