Urban and Rural-residential Land Uses - New Report from IMST

A new report is available from the State of Oregon's independent science advisory group (Oregon Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team - IMST): Urban and Rural-residential Land Uses: Their Role in Watershed Health and the Rehabilitation of Oregon's Wild Salmonids(Technical Report 2010-1).

You can download the report from the IMST website at http://www.fsl.orst.edu/imst/reports/urban.html.

The report summarizes scientific information on the effects of urbanization on salmon and watersheds, organized around four key questions:

How does urbanization alter aquatic ecosystems and what are the implications for salmonid rehabilitation?

How might Oregon accomplish the mission of the Oregon Plan For Salmon and Watersheds in the face of an increasingly urbanized landscape?

What is the current state of knowledge for rehabilitating adverse ecological effects associated with rural-residential and urban development?

What are the major research and monitoring needs for urban and rural-residential landscapes?

While focused on Pacific Northwest ecosystems and salmonids, the report contains information broadly relevant to conservation of aquatic species world-wide. Browse the Reports page on the IMST website for other reports of interest to ecologists, including stream temperature, hatchery management, use of ecological indicators, and statistical issues arising from aggregation of disparate data sets.

Nancy Molina, Co-Chair
Oregon Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team
Oregon State University
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
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