New Pacific Northwest Contaminants Website

In November 2010, representatives from U.S. federal and state agencies, Environment Canada and universities participated in a workshop in Seattle, Washington, to discuss airborne toxics deposition and accumulation in the region. Workshop participants summarized research and monitoring activities, identified data gaps and discussed the need to improve communication within, among and outside the agencies.

The workshop resulted in formation of the interagency Pacific Northwest (PNW) Contaminants Workgroup to coordinate and facilitate science, education, and outreach related to contaminants issues in protected areas
in the region.

The objectives of the PNW Contaminants Workgroup are to:
*Develop a data clearinghouse and a forum to facilitate collaboration and coordination of contaminant monitoring and research activities in the region.
*Prioritize contaminant-related research and monitoring needs in the Pacific Northwest, collaborate on funding, and conduct monitoring and research projects.
*Coordinate outreach efforts and products related to contaminants issues in the region.

The USGS graciously offered to develop and host a Workgroup website. The website is now live at
. The site includes links to other contaminants-related websites and placeholders for relevant news and announcements. It also includes a Data Clearinghouse that provides information about ongoing and completed contaminants monitoring and research projects in the Pacific Northwest.

Workgroup members have fleshed the site out as best we can, but we know there's a lot we're missing. We're asking for your help to make the website as complete and up-to-date as possible. Please send me information
that you'd like to add to the website. For the Data Clearinghouse, you need to include either a link to your project website or a 1-2 page summary that we can post as a .pdf file. We also ask that you forward this message to others that are interested in contaminants issues. Thanks for your help!


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