Registration for the 2nd Annual PNW Climate Science Conference is now open

The conference will be held on September 13-14, 2011, on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. To register, please go to:

Conference registration fees are as follows:

$120 – Standard (2 day) registration
$100 – One day registration
$75 – Student/tribal registration

The registration fee includes lunch, refreshment breaks, conference materials, and one drink during the September 13th poster session. Payment by credit card (Visa and Mastercard) is requested. Registration closes at midnight on September 7, 2011.

About the Program

More than 100 excellent abstracts were submitted for the conference. The Steering Committee is currently reviewing the abstracts. Authors will be notified about their submissions after Monday, August 8th. A draft program for the conference will be available soon thereafter.

The 2nd Annual Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference will feature a combination of invited speakers, plenary sessions of broad interest, and more targeted concurrent sessions. Anticipated hours for the conference are 8am-7pm on Tuesday, September 13 (includes reception/poster session) and 8am-5pm on Wednesday, September 14.

A primary objective of the conference is to stimulate a place-based (not discipline-based) exchange of information about:

•emerging climate, climate impacts, and climate adaptation science in the PNW, and
•emerging policy and management goals, objectives, and information needs related to PNW climate, climate impacts & adaptation.
The conference will also provide an opportunity for participants to connect with science and policy experts in a range of fields.
Conference session topics will include:

•Climate in the PNW: past, present, future
•Climate impacts on hydrology and freshwater systems and managed resources
•Climate impacts on terrestrial ecosystems and managed resources
•Climate impacts on aquatic and marine ecosystems and managed resources
•Greenhouse gas sinks and fluxes
•Human responses and policy initiatives
•Human dimensions of climate variability and change (communication, risk management, etc.
Special topics include updates on 1) National Climate Partnerships in the Pacific Northwest, and 2) the U.S. National Climate Assessment. Additionally, we anticipate several cross-cutting sessions, including sessions on:

•Vulnerability Assessments and Adaptation Planning for Natural Resource Management;
•Understanding and attributing meteorological and hydrologic extremes; and
•Climate, coasts, and estuaries: what do we know about the physical and biophysical processes, and what might the future hold?
Stay tuned for more details on the conference program. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

-Lara Whitely Binder
P.S. Please note that the URL extension for the conference website has been changed from .shtml to .php. An automatic redirect will be posted shortly but you may want to update any static links you have to the original conference web page with the new URL. Thanks!

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