Poll to determine a date for training event for conducting underwater searches for invasive mussels - Please respond by July 15

Dear interested parties,
It is time to plan the first training event to educate divers in the procedures for conducting underwater searches for invasive mussels.

In April we conducted a needs assessment survey. The needs assessment survey was the first step in developing a training program. The survey was distributed to Federal, State, Local, and Tribal agencies.

The general consensus of the survey participants is that the most useful type of training would be through hands-on instruction conducted during a one-day training event with lecture, power point presentation, and discussion in the morning followed by in-water training and practice in the afternoon. By conducting the training all in one day, divers within 1-2 hours drive time could participate without incurring the cost of overnight travel. The most popular time to conduct the hands-on training was August and September.

The first training event will be held in Hood River, OR. We evaluated having the training in Portland OR, but there is a potential of exposing divers to contaminated water in the Willamette River. We will investigate having training in Portland in the future.

Below is a list of potential days for the one-day training event. The training would start at 8:30am and end at 5:00pm. You can either respond to this email or you can use the “doodle-pool” link below to select the dates that are best for you.


Please respond by July 15th. After determining the best day, I will send out additional information.

Please forward this email to others that you think might be interested in participating in this training.

Please choose ALL the days that would work for you.

August 2011
24th, Wednesday
25th, Thursday
26th, Friday
31st, Wednesday

September 2011
1st, Thursday
2nd, Friday
8th, Thursday
9th, Friday

Noah Adams
USGS-Columbia River Research Lab
Cook, WA
509-538-2299 ext 254