In-person workshops on Modeling Patterns and Dynamics of Species Occurrence, Sacramento CA, August

You may be interested in in-person workshops on Modeling Patterns and Dynamics of Species Occurrence presented by Dr. Darryl MacKenzie. The presence or absence of a species across a set of landscape units is a fundamental concept used widely in ecology (e.g., species range or distribution, epidemiology, habitat modeling, resource selection probability functions, as a monitoring metric, metapopulation studies, and biodiversity and species co-occurrence). An important sampling issue, however, is that a species may not always be detected when present at a landscape unit. This will result in "false absences" causing parameter estimates to be biased if unaccounted for, possibly leading to misleading results and conclusions, even with only moderate levels of imperfect detection. In these workshops he covers:
• the effect of and the importance of accounting for, imperfect detection
• cutting-edge statistical methods for modeling patterns and dynamics of species occurrence
• using models to address interesting ecological hypotheses
• key aspects to designing studies of species occurrence
• available computer software with worked examples and exercises
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At present, a 4.5 day workshop is planned the last week of August in Sacramento, California. Course is limited to 20 people, and this notice is to gauge attendee interest to help refine dates and location. If there is sufficient interest, workshops may be scheduled at other times and locations.