CNAH North American Checklists Updated

Now available for the first time in the history of North American herpetology

Made available as a gratis service by CNAH and brought about through the computer skills of CNAH Board member Travis W. Taggart, herpetofaunal checklists of all thirteen Canadian provinces have been completed and thirty-three of the fifty U.S. states are done. Based on the CNAH North American checklist, these state and provincial checklists will be updated simultaneously and daily when new discoveries are published that change the higher taxonomy (generic and familial levels) of these creatures. Species-level and subspecies-level changes will also be posted daily, but will not change on the web site until evaluated by systematists and published in the print version of the next edition of the CNAH common and scientific names list; literature references for these proposed changes will, however, be immediately accessible through each state list, just as they are for the CNAH main list.

Most importantly, all provinces and states can now operate with standardized common names continent-wide, eliminating the confusion and mistakes that can occur when these names are not uniform. This makes the list especially useful for state wildlife agencies, natural heritage programs, land managers, refuge managers and biologists, museums, universities, and zoological parks.

Shown below are the provinces and states that are completed to date; the number in parentheses following each state/province name is the number of species we list for that state.

Canada: Alberta (18), British Columbia (37), Manitoba (23), New Brunswick (23), Newfoundland & Labrador (8), Northwest Territories (5), Nova Scotia (22), Nunavut (2), Ontario (52), Prince Edward Island (12), Quebec (36), Saskatchewan (19), and Yukon (4).

United States: Alabama (157), Alaska (12), Arizona (144), Arkansas (120), California (171), Colorado (73), Delaware (66), Iowa (66), Florida (144), Georgia (171), Hawaii (5), Illinois (103), Iowa (67) Kansas (96), Kentucky (112), Louisiana (135), Massachusetts (51), Michigan (53), Minnesota (51), Nebraska (63), Nevada (74), North Dakota (27), Ohio (81), Oklahoma (134), Oregon (68), Pennsylvania (79), Rhode Island (44), South Dakota (46), Texas (217), Utah (74), Washington (54), Wisconsin (54), and Wyoming (37).


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Note that the lists are native species only; no exotics are included. All exotics and a list of the states where they are established is maintained by CNAH Board member Walter E. Meshaka, Jr. and can be accessed on the CNAH web site.