US Topo now complete for Washington State

The USGS US Topo project is now complete for Washington State and is available on line. The US Topo is the next generation of digital topographic maps from the U.S. Geological Survey. Arranged in the traditional 7.5-minute quadrangle format, digital US Topo maps are designed to look and feel like the traditional paper topographic maps for which the USGS is so well known. At the same time, US Topo maps provide modern technical advantages that support wider and faster public distribution and enable basic, on-screen geographic analysis for all users.

To access the US Topo for Washington, start by going here:

Click on the Down load maps (map store) link found in the Table of Contents area on the left hand side of the screen. That will take you to a map interface where you can either zoom into the area you are interested in or do a word search for a particular quad in the state. Directions are on the right hand side of this screen and a US Topo quick start guide is found near the bottom of the map.

You can also down load a free pdf tool bar from Terrago here:

Down load time will vary according to how fast your internet connection is.