Microsoft Access Version of the StreamNet Database Updated

An updated Microsoft Access version of the StreamNet database was posted on December 29, 2010, and again on May 3, 2011. Both versions include twelve example queries that demonstrate how to dereference coded information with lookup tables, but users will typically want to customize these queries for their own interests and for building specific reports. Note that the Access database does not have a user interface or dynamic features like those that are part of the online query system and interactive mappers found on the StreamNet web site. It is primarily intended for use by "power users" engaged in regional scale analyses. Use of this database requires significant experience using Access, and most users will find the online systems more suited to their needs. You can find this updated database, as well as previous versions, on our database download page at .

Both updates include new count data; the May 3 update includes an updated Reference table. The December 29 update was a milestone, being the first georeferenced to the latest mixed scale hydrography (version 2) used on the online query system. These versions also contain updates to some LocationID values, so users will need to be careful if integrating a new database with a data set developed from a previous version.