StreamNet Supporting Coordinated Assessments

The state and tribal fisheries management agencies in the Columbia Basin are currently working collaboratively to develop a coordinated approach to anadromous fish population monitoring. In support of that effort, the Coordinated Assessments project is assisting the agencies to determine their current capability for providing three Viable Salmonid Population (VSP) indicators to support regional reporting under the hydrosystem Biological Opinion (the "BiOp"), ESA recovery assessments and other regional reporting mechanisms, and to plan for improved indictor reporting in the future. The project is being led by the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority (CBFWA; and the Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership (PNAMP;, with StreamNet playing a significant supporting role.

StreamNet, with support from BPA, has hired ten temporary data specialists who are currently working with nine state and tribal fisheries management programs to determine the availability of the three selected VSP indicators, obtain those indicators where they are readily available, describe data pathways within the respective agencies, assist the agencies to identify gaps and needs for reporting these indicators, and assist the agencies to begin developing data sharing strategies. StreamNet's organizational approach to data acquisition by supporting data management staff within its partner agencies dovetailed well with the needs of the Coordinated Assessments.

Progress toward obtaining the indicators and describing the data flow and analysis pathways was presented to a Coordinated Assessments workshop held by PNAMP and CBFWA on April 21. With the Coordinated Assessments project near its midpoint, ongoing work will include increased emphasis on describing the gaps and needs agencies will need to overcome to make sharing of these indicators a routine business practice, and to assist the agencies as they develop strategies for satisfying those needs.

StreamNet is pleased to be able to use its relationships with PNAMP, CBFWA, the state fish and wildlife agencies, the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (, and the tribal fisheries programs to assist the Coordinated Assessments. Our intent is to help upgrade data management capacities within the region's fisheries management agencies so that regional data sharing can be improved.