New Feature in the StreamNet Online Query System

StreamNet has added a new way to select a stream or dam for which you want data.

Previously when using StreamNet's query system ( to select a stream or dam by name, a web browser would be unable to display the many thousands of names that could sometimes be returned by the query system. Therefore the list had to be narrowed down by selecting other criteria before a web page could be sent to you. We initially required that the list be under 500 streams before you could select a stream. When computers became faster in recent years we increased that maximum to 1000 streams.

We have implemented a new approach that eliminates this issue.

Today if you attempt to select a stream of interest and the matching list is over 1000 streams, you will be presented with a box in which you can type the name of the stream of interest. Once you type in the first 3 letters you will be presented with a list of streams that match what you have typed. Continue to type to further refine the list. To help you find the correct stream, matches are grouped by state, and we show what body of water each match flows into, as well as what body of water that flows into. For example, "Salmon River, trib to Snake River (which is a trib of the Columbia River)". To see it in action, begin a query by selecting the "Stream" criterion first ( When the text box shows, begin to type in a common stream name such as "Rock Creek" or "Meadow Creek" or "Salmon Creek". The list that shows up will easily let you find the exact one you are interested in. Streams for which we have data show up as links, while streams for which we do not have data show up as regular text.

The same functionality has been added to the Dams criterion (

We hope these changes help to simplify use of the query system and help you more quickly and easily find the data of interest to you.