Columbia River Toxics Reduction Working Group Update

Thanks to the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission for hosting
the March 8th meeting. Thanks to Jason Smith - Blount International,
Keith Kutchins - Upper Columbia United Tribes, Andrea Matzke and Neil
Mullane -OR DEQ, Jim Sachet-WA Ecology, Jennifer Morace-USGS; and
Gabriela Carvalho and Wayne Davis-EPA's TRI program for great
presentations. Special thanks to Mike Cox to pinch hitting for me and
running the meeting. The Steering Committee has proposed that we have
the next Working Group meeting in Spokane, WA, in conjunction with the
proposed Columbia River Toxics Reduction Executive Meeting, co-hosted by
the Upper Columbia United Tribes. We are working on some possible dates
in July or Aug and we will let you know when the dates are set. As a
follow-up to the November 2010 Working Group meeting in Boise, we are
exploring a 2011 meeting in Idaho and we will be working with our Idaho
partners to scope a date, place and topics for that meeting. We are
going to continue to use Webinars when we can; we hope to provide those
tools with future meetings.

Our primary work effort right now is moving forward on implementing the
61 actions in the 2010 Columbia River Toxics Reduction Action Plan

and we are looking for work efforts that are accomplishing those
actions. We are still planning a progress report in the Fall of 2011 to
document our successes, so please let us know about important work
efforts to implement those actions.