ISTM Fish Workgroup Completes Objective 2 and Presents New Monitoring Evaluation Tools

The ISTM Fish Component Work group has completed Objectives 1 and 2. Final reports are now available, including a third report which focuses on data management aspects of the project. We are now exploring opportunities to share the ISTM Fish approach prioritization and evaluation of monitoring (and the resulting new tools) with interested fisheries organizations and collaborative partnerships throughout the PNW. The overall goal of the ISTM Fish project is to facilitate development of a strong reliable network of VSP monitoring efforts for salmon and steelhead that meet regional VSP data requirements.

2013 ISTM Fish Fact Sheet: Progress and Next Steps

2013: ISTM Fish Component Objective 2 Report: "Evaluation of the Alignment of Lower Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead Monitoring Program with Management Decisions, Questions, and Objectives" Rawding, D., and Rodgers, J. PNAMP 2012-001.

2012: ISTM Fish Data Management Report: "Evaluation of the Data Collection, Storage, and Management for the Lower Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead Monitoring Program". Rawding, D., Rodgers, J., Cox, B., Cooney, C., Karnowski, M., Woodard, R. and Warren, D. PNAMP 2012-002.

2010: ISTM Fish Component Objective 1 Report: “Identification and Prioritization of Management Decisions, Questions, and Objectives for Lower Columbia River Integrated Status and Trend Salmon and Steelhead Monitoring”. Rawding, D., Rodgers, J., Graham Hudson, B. PNAMP 2010-004.