Job Announcement - Crooked River Watershed Council Monitoring Specialist

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Job Announcement
Monitoring Specialist
Crooked River Watershed Council

The Crooked River Watershed Council (CRWC) is a non-profit organization promoting stewardship of natural resources in the Crooked River Watershed to ensure sustainable watershed health, functions, and uses for conservation and economic benefits. The Watershed Council area of interest includes all lands that drain into the Crooked River, covering 2.9 million acres, mostly in Crook County (central Oregon). The CRWC Board is comprised of representatives from state and federal agencies, local government, and private landowners. CRWC provides technical and financial assistance to landowners for the implementation of stream and upland restoration projects, conducts watershed monitoring, and promotes education about watershed stewardship.

The Monitoring Specialist is a full-time position, supervised by the Coordinator of CRWC. The Monitoring Specialist will plan, develop, and manage all aspects of the Watershed Council’s monitoring programs, which include environmental (e.g. water quality) and effectiveness (e.g. restoration project) monitoring. The Monitoring Specialist will work with other Watershed Council staff, landowners, and agency partners to develop and implement a suite of monitoring programs for the Watershed Council. The Monitoring Specialist will be responsible for developing and coordinating an annual work plan that identifies the objectives and tasks for monitoring programs, along with benchmarks and budgets for each program.

Core Duties:
Work closely with Coordinator and Project Manager to develop and maintain a monitoring strategy for CRWC.
Develop, implement, and run monitoring programs, covering environmental and effectiveness monitoring for CRWC projects, including management of program budgets and finances.
Recruit and oversee technicians, interns, and assistants as necessary.
Complete project reporting tasks as outlined by funding sources.
Build and sustain partnerships necessary to effectively implement monitoring and restoration projects.

Additional Duties:
• Design and implement monitoring and research protocols, collect and analyze data, and communicate findings;
• Coordinate a multi-agency water quality monitoring advisory team;
• Recruit and train volunteers to assist with the monitoring programs;
• Attend monthly Watershed Council meetings;
• Build and sustain partnerships necessary to effectively implement monitoring programs;
• Write grants to secure funding for water quality and effectiveness monitoring;
• Assist with education projects and communicate monitoring program findings.
• Assist with the development of Action and Strategic Plans based on the Lower Crooked River Watershed Assessment, related to restoration efforts as well as project prioritization
• Work closely with Coordinator on developing and maintaining programs and activities necessary to support CRWC mission
• Other relevant tasks as required

The Monitoring Specialist salary range is $35,000 to $40,000 per year including benefits and is dependent on experience. Opportunities for salary increases will be based on annual performance evaluations and the recommendation of the Watershed Council Board. The position is grant funded and dependent on the successful development of grant funded projects. The position commitment will be based on one year and will be renewed pending available funding.

Applicants should hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in natural resource management, environmental science, forestry, range science, fisheries management, hydrology or related discipline. Preference will be given to applicants with a strong background in range management, experience developing and implementing watershed monitoring or water quality monitoring programs, those with strong written and oral communication skills, grant writing experience, the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and who are comfortable and effective at working with private land owners. Candidates who have direct experience in the project management in an upland setting will be given additional consideration.
The Crooked River Watershed Council is based in Prineville, OR. Duties will combine both indoor and outdoor tasks, requiring the ability to work in variable weather conditions and terrain. Work will primarily be conducted on private lands with some overlap with public land.
Applications must be received by 5:00 PM January 13, 2011. Please send a cover letter, resume, and contact information for 3 professional references to: Priscilla Johnson, Crooked River Watershed Council,