CBFWA Releases 2010 Status of the Resources (SOTR) Report

 Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority (CBFWA) Releases 2010 Status of the Resources (SOTR) Report
Finding information about the status of fish and wildlife populations in the Columbia River Basin continues to get easier with the release of a new report and enhanced website developed by state, federal, and tribal fish and wildlife resource managers from throughout the Northwest.  
Drawing from these and other sources, the 2010 Status of Fish and Wildlife Resources in the Columbia River Basin report profiles the status and trends of fish and wildlife, habitat conditions and efforts to improve fish and wildlife populations throughout the Columbia River Basin.  Information provided in the annual report is supported by a website (www.cbfwa.org/sotr) that allows users to view data at a finer scale, subbasin by subbasin, from the Columbia River estuary to the upper Snake River.  The web-based format is dynamic with additional data being incorporated on-line as it becomes available.
The project is an on-going effort coordinated by the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority, with collaboration from numerous tribal, state, and federal fish and wildlife agencies as well as the Bonneville Power Administration and the Northwest Power and Conservation Council.  
Funding was provided by Bonneville Power Administration as part of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s Fish and Wildlife Program that helps mitigate impacts to fish and wildlife caused by the operation of the Federal Columbia River Power System.  
Should you have any questions, email SOTRTeam@cbfwa.org or call 503/229-0191.