Columbia River Toxics Reduction Working Group - July 2010 Update

 1.  The next meeting of the Columbia River Toxics Reduction Working

Group Meeting will be 9:30am - 3:30pm September 21 - at the lovely
Maryhill Museum, Goldendale, WA.
Proposed presentations include an update on the September release of the
Columbia River Toxics Reduction Action Plan, update on EPA RCRA Columbia
River Site Assessment Work, update on Upper Columbia River (Lake
Roosevelt) Monitoring Work, presentation of Columbia River Hero Award,
update on the Columbia River Restoration Act and a presentation from a
local official (tbd).  An agenda will be developed shortly and provided
to the working group.
The museum has limited facilities for lunch so we will require attendees
to RSVP for the meeting.  You are welcome to RSVP now if you definitely
know you will attend the meeting.
2.  Do You Know a Columbia River Hero? - We are soliciting nominations
for our 2010 Columbia River Hero Award to be presented September 21 at
the Working Group meeting. The Columbia River Toxics Reduction Workgroup
would like to recognize a person/persons or organization that has had a
positive effect on reducing toxics in Columbia River Basin watersheds.
The 2009 and first Columbia River Hero was Travis Williams, Willamette
Riverkeeper, for his work on the 2010 Oregon Legislature DECA-PBDE Ban.
Here is some more specific information to help in the nomination:
The purpose of recognizing River Heroes is to
  -  Provide public education on the effects of toxics in the Columbia
Basin on human health and aquatic life
  -  Share ideas for reducing toxics across the Basin
  -  Inspire innovation in toxics reduction activities
  -  Increase toxics reduction activities
Deadline: 5PM, Friday, August 27, 2010
Please include the following information:
1) Name of person(s) or organization
2) Toxics reduction activity for which they should receive recognition:
3) Measurable environmental improvement (For example, number of acres
restored, estimate of reduction of toxics in the system (percent of
reduction) etc.)
Please explain in the nomination information about when and where the
activities took place and whether or not the person or organization has
received recognition from this work in the past. Attachments such as
newspaper articles, workplans, or reports can be included.
For more information please contact me at the number at the end of this
3.  Columbia River Restoration Act of 2010 - On June 29, 2010, the US
Senate Environment and Public Works Committee unanimously approved the
Columbia River Restoration Act of 2010.  The bill is an authorization,
not an appropriation, and authorizes future appropriations of up to
$33,000,000 per year for six years to fund toxics reduction and clean up
in the Basin. The bill was introduced by Senator Merkley, with Senators
Baucus, Crapo, Tester and Wyden as original co-sponsors.  Congressman
Blumenauer and Senator Merkley introduced the Columbia River Restoration
Act in February.  EPW and the House Transportation and Infrastructure
subcommittee held a hearings earlier this year.   Here is link to the
Senate version:
Pacific Northwest Waterways Association Supports Columbia River Bill
PNWA has produced the attached fact sheet on the Columbia River
Restoration Act.  It highlights PNWA’s support for the bill and provides
background on a few of the provisions of greatest interest to PNWA
4.  EPA's 2011-2015 Draft Strategic Plan - There is still time to
comment on the Draft EPA 2011-2015 Strategic Plan.  The proposed Draft
presents streamlined list of priorities for EPA and does not include the
Columbia River Basin as a national priority as in the previous 2006
Strategic Plan.  The public comment period closes July 30. EPA will use
stakeholder feedback to prepare the final strategic plan, which will be
released by September 30. Comments on the draft strategic plan may be
submitted through The Docket ID number is
I have attached the comments submitted by the Lower Columbia River
Estuary Program.