Tributary Habitat Monitoring Summary Report Available - Request for Review

We’d like to share the most recent version of the Tributary Habitat Monitoring Report.  The report is a result of BPA requesting preliminary recommendations from ISEMP as to the protocols to be adopted by BPA funded monitoring programs for Columbia River Basin. 
The goals of this report were to: 
1. Review fish habitat requirements in the context of stream habitat attributes and geomorphic processes. 
2. Assess whether current habitat protocols provide information that relates the quality of stream habitat from a fish perspective. 
3. Develop a draft habitat monitoring protocol for projects that support FCRPS Biological Opinion and salmonid recovery planning.
Chris Jordan gave a summary of the report at the PNAMP ISTM Demo Habitat meeting on May 19.  At that meeting he requested that the report be reviewed by PNAMP.  We'd like to ask for your help in this review.  Comments should be sent directly to Chris Jordan (  Iinput received by July 1st will be most useful, but as this is a draft set of metrics and methods, and input will be helpful over the next 3 - 6 months.
A copy of the report can be found here: