See SPOT 4 and SPOT 5 - mid-resolution data available (FREE!) from USGS EROS

Newly archived data set available free, along with many other data sets at EROS:

SPOT 4 and SPOT 5 archived satellite data that will be available through EarthExplorer.  SPOT 4 Pan is 10m.  SPOT 5 Pan is either 5m or 2.5m.  For SPOT 5, the standard collect is at 5m but the 2.5m is a special request that requires special processing to create (these include some multi-spectral data).   As you can see from the figures, extensive data are available for the US and they provide an opportunity to assess many types of land surface conditions.  The data are free !!!  There are 800,000+ scenes from 1986-1998.   Wayne Miller at EROS is the contact person. 


Here's the EROS website for the data (as well as other data):