USGS Climate Change Conference - Save the Date and Call for Abstracts

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Climate Change Science:

Understanding the Past, Informing Decisions for the Future

Sponsored by USGS Office of Global Change

March 9 – March 11, 2010, Denver, Colorado

Abstract Deadline – January 29, 2010

This conference will highlight USGS scientific research that advances our understanding of climate change and its impacts on our Nation’s resources. USGS scientists will report results of their research through oral and poster presentations.

Representatives from the Department of the Interior, USGS, and other national and international organizations will provide their perspective on goals, strategic directions, and science needs.

Representatives from the USGS Global Change Science Strategy Planning Team will explain implementation of the new bureau science planning process.

Abstracts are solicited that address the following five areas:

1.  Paleo-reconstructions of climate change and ecological responses

2.  Global change effects on ecosystems and linkages among water, soils, biota, and land use

3.  Incorporating global change science into resource management decisions

4.  Modeling and projection of resource response to global change

5.  Results or status of projects funded through the Request for Proposals (RFP) process

The meeting will have both oral and poster presentations. Abstracts may be submitted through the meeting website at after January 8, 2010.