Gray literature database site

American Fisheries Society has been working for some time on a web site to serve as a database for the “gray literature” that is published by government agencies (local; federal or international) and dissertations.

The database allows input directly of titles, authors, and abstracts or summaries plus links to the original reports that would remain with the issuers.

To start using the database, please see the instructions below. In addition, those of you who work in agencies are requested to help us identify persons who will be able to feed that information to the database on a regular basis.

All other comments are welcome as well.

Welcome to AFS Reports and dissertations. Before you use this service, you will need to register. To do this, please visit , then click "Register" in the upper right corner. Input a username, email address, password, and the captcha phrase, then click "create user". Follow the instructions you receive in your email to activate your account. Once activated you can log in with the information supplied. Once logged in, you can submit descriptive links to agency reports and dissertations. To do so, please click "Submit a New Report", then follow the simple instructions presented to you.