TRRP Integrated Information Management System

The IIMS is a multi-disciplinary warehouse for centralizing the disparate data required to support the management of river systems. The IIMS vision is to build a modular information management system by combining the common needs of several river systems into a central tool that is scalable in two dimensions. This approach exploits the high degree of similarity of data and tools required for river system management. Essentially, the IIMS will use this economy of scale to repeat the IIMS for multiple river systems, each time benefiting from the existing implementation and therefore reducing the overall development effort. The IIMS vision is to build the default "go-to" tool to meet scientists' data requirements for doing research into river systems; if you want the latest data, you go to the IIMS; if you want to share your modeling results, you go to the IIMS; if you want to produce a report evaluating the success of an individual restoration action or a suite of actions, the IIMS has all the information readily available. Contrasting this, TRRP scientists currently have to put in considerable effort and go to several sources to collect together the data for common types of analyses.