Data Visualization work group meeting

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Date: August 16, 2018 - 10:00am to 11:30am
Location: Telemeeting
Teleconference Number: 408.638.0968, 646.876.9923 Code: 748 609 4636
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August meeting draft agenda

1. Introductions and announcements

2. Presentation of work group participants' data visualization projects. August's presentation is titled:

Amplifying USGS science with timely and digestible data visualizations by Alison Appling, Jordan Read, and Lindsay Carr (all of the Water Mission Area’s Data Science Branch, USGS).

Our Nation's rapidly growing store of environmental data makes new demands on researchers: to take on increasingly broad-scale, societally-relevant analyses and to rapidly communicate findings to the public. Interactive web-based data visualizations now commonly supplement or form the core of mainstream journalism, and science journalism has followed suit. USGS can employ a similar approach to connect with new audiences, highlight key findings, and integrate multiple datasets and research projects into a story with broad public interest. This presentation will discuss collaboration and data challenges for creating visualizations consistent with USGS science standards, highlight several environmental data visualizations and their underlying technologies, and share social media outreach strategies designed to increase impact. Building greater capacity in data visualization will help serve the USGS’s need to deliver timely relevant science to the public.

Presentation Link to all our team's visualizations:
with an example here:
courtesy of Alison Appling

3. Next steps and discussion
Learn a) what others are doing; more presentations b) what data visualization tools are available (with pros-cons reviews?)

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