Data Visualization work group meeting

Event Details

Date: May 16, 2018 - 1:00pm
Location: Telemeeting
Teleconference Number: 855-547-8255 (or USGS office: 703-648-4848) code 3091 3604
WebEx Information: Also online at This works best with the IE browser!

We're trying GSTalk this month.

Draft agenda. May meeting:

1. Round robin introductions

2. Presentation of work group participants' working data visualization projects.
This month's presenter: Russell Scranton, BPA OneFishTwoFish. Time: 25 minutes, with time for questions and discussion.

- Who is the primary audience, or, is it tiered for multiple audiences?
- What is the specific data presented?
- Is the data itself and the result (visualization) accessible in some format?, and
- Lessons learned - what would you do differently, or are you doing to improve?

3. Discuss work group objectives for the next few months.

● Learn a) what others are doing and b) what data visualization tools are available (with pros-cons reviews?)
● Discover how to Present/Visualize specific data e.g. VSPs.
● How to implement common coding (or techniques or vision first?) among our tribes, agencies and organizations to best present data to multiple audiences at multiple scales.

4. Next steps

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