PNAMP Special Publication: Tagging, Telemetry and Marking Measures for Monitoring Fish Populations

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Published Date: January 31, 2010
Document Type: Final PNAMP Materials

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The goal of this publication is to integrate profiles of on-going, individual, disparate efforts implementing the science of tagging, telemetry, and marking (TTM) into a compilation of experience to inform the development of fish population monitoring.

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Chapter 1 Introduction: Tagging, Telemetry, and Marking Compendium Project

Chapter 2 Overview of the Coded Wire Tag Program in the Greater Pacific Region of North America

Chapter 3 Guidelines for Conducting Smolt Survival Studies in the Columbia River

Chapter 4 Surgical Implantation of Acoustic Tags: Influence of Tag Loss and Tag-Induced Mortality on Free-Ranging and Hatchery-Held Spring Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Smolts

Chapter 5 Using Telemetry Techniques to Determine Multiple Redd Formation, Redd Residence Time, and Survey Life of Adult Coho and Chinook Salmon in Spawning Streams

Chapter 6 Acoustic Telemetry for Studying Migration Movements of Small Fish in Rivers and the Ocean—Current Capabilities and Future Possibilities

Chapter 7 Guidelines to Indirectly Measure and Enhance Detection Efficiency of Stationary PIT Tag Interrogation Systems in Streams

Chapter 8 Advances in Coded Wire Tag Technology: Meeting Changing Fish Management Objectives

Chapter 9 Corps Fish Study Nets Useful Data

Chapter 10 Review Summary and Conclusions

Special Section 1 AFS Symposium Proposal Washington-British Columbia Chapter Meeting, Methods of Fish Tracking

Special Section 2 Abstracts from PNAMP Special Publication: Remote Sensing Applications for Aquatic Resource Monitoring

Special Section 3 Summary of Fish Tagging and Evaluation Techniques Currently Used in the Columbia River Basin

Special Section 4 The Northwest Power and Conservation Council – Staff Summary of the Recommendations from the ISRP/ISAB’s Tagging Report #2009-1

Special Section 5