North American Lake Management Society Student Video Contest

North American Lake Management Society aims to create an online repository of easily accessible information about the basics of lake management and the use and construction of limnological equipment. The NALMS student video series is designed to help teach citizen scientists, students, and the general public about lake management, the equipment used to monitor lake processes, and how to make limnological equipment. Because NALMS recognizes that current undergraduate and graduate students represent the future of freshwater research, we are looking for students to create and produce these short (10 minute max) educational videos.

Currently, NALMS is seeking student-produced videos of “Harmful Algal Blooms” for inclusion in the video series hosted on the NALMS YouTube channel and website.

In addition to the basic requirements in the Video Evaluation Rubric, this video should cover:

-General explanation of a HAB and relevant thresholds for human health (e.g., World Health Organization thresholds for cell and toxin concentrations)
-General knowledge of conditions in which HABs occur
-Research needs regarding HABs
-Explain what the public should know about HABs
-Explain the temporal and spatial dynamics of HAB occurrences
-Tools and guidance for safe HAB sampling for citizen scientists

Awards for top video include: $500 USD travel award to annual NALMS conference; free one-year NALMS membership; promotion on NALMS website, YouTube channel, and social media platforms; and an award and recognition at the annual NALMS conference.*

*If a video is authored by multiple students, these award benefits will be split equally among the authors.

Deadline for video submission: October 15, 2018.

For more information: