What We Do

PNAMP is a forum to facilitate collaboration around aquatic monitoring topics of interest, promote best practices for monitoring, and encourage coordination and integration of monitoring activities as appropriate. The forum’s activities are conducted by participant working groups and teams as endorsed by the partner-based steering committee. The coordinating staff serves to enhance and support PNAMP collaboration on topics of importance.

Aquatic Resource Monitoring

PNAMP partners conduct aquatic monitoring within the watersheds, estuaries, and coastal zones of the Pacific Northwest. Much emphasis is on species - their abundance, distribution, and habitat - particularly anadromous fishes. However, the need to design monitoring that informs multiple objectives - including integration of monitoring "up front" and ability to aggregate results of disparate monitoring efforts - is a key interest of PNAMP partners. The effectiveness of management actions are also of importance as are emerging stressors such as invasive species. Underlying all monitoring is the need to successfully implement and maintain effective monitoring programs - from field collection, through data collection and synthesis, to reporting and application.