Tagging, Telemetry, & Marking Compendium Project

Project Description

In 2007, the Fish Population Monitoring Working Group initiated a task to review and catalog tagging, telemetry, and marking protocols in the region. The proposed Techniques Guide provides new information, case studies, design and technological advances and describes methods and protocols. The closing chapters provide a summary of commonalities and areas of technical convergence. The authors used a comparative analysis approach to propose recommendations that will improve tagging, telemetry and marking programs and techniques. This proposal was reviewed by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's Independent Science Review Panel in early 2008, to assist the PNAMP Steering Committee in making decisions about the final nature of this product.

The goal of this project was to provide standardization, cost effectiveness, and coordination between and among all tagging, marking, and telemetry programs in the Columbia and Snake River Basins, Puget Sound, the Oregon Coast, Northern California, and beyond.

Project Team

Keith Wolf and Jennifer O'Neal led this work, with support from PNAMP Staff and Fish Population Monitoring working group participants.


TTM Compendium Published

April 20, 2012 - 9:30am

A PDF of the Tagging, Telemetry, and Marking Compendium is now available.

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Northwest Environmental Data Network Resources

The Northwest Environment Data Network (NED) was established to work cooperatively on actions and joint activities to improve the collection, management and sharing of environmental data and information. For example, NED goals included supporting and coordinating production of a regional data dictionary, the common use of query tools to metadata and the development of a data networking plan with funding support.

NED supported work to develop agreements, standards and protocols and the technology necessary to improve data sharing and discovery across multiple regional partners. NED also worked to identify and promote administrative, organizational and funding arrangements needed to support regional data management. NED did not intend to be a provider or a manager of data.

NED's MOU expired in October 2007. Since that time the PNAMP Data Management group has continued the efforts that NED started.

A subset of NED documents is listed below. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact Jacque Schei (jschei@usgs.gov).